The Standart from the Manchester Terrier

SECRETARIAT GENERAL: 13, Place Albert I, B-6530 THUIN (Belgique)
FCI-Standard Nr. 71/2.2.1998/D

Origin: Great Britain
Purpose: Terrier
Classifikation FCI: Group 3 Terrier, Section 1 without workingtest
General appearance: Compact, elegant and sound with substance
Characteristics: Keen, alert, gay and sporting


Upper Head

Skull: Long skull, flat and narrow, level and wedge shaped, without showing cheek muscles, well filled up under eyes, with tapering, tight lipped mouth

Facial Head

Nose: deepblack
Jaw / teeth: Tight black lips lie close to the jaw. The jaws should be full and powerful with full and proper dentition. The teeth are white and strongly developed with a true scissors bite. Level bite is acceptable
Eyes: Small, dark and sparkling, almond shaped, not prominent
Ears: Small and V shaped, carried well above top line of head and hanging close to head above eyes
Neck: Fairly long and tapering from shoulder to head and slightly arched at crest, free from throatiness.
Body: Short with well sprung ribs, slightly arched over the loin and cut up behind ribs
Ribs: The ribs are well sprung, but flattened in the lower end to permit clearance of the forelegs
Under line: Behind the Rips a bit come up
Tail: Short and set on where arch of back ends, thick where it joins body, tapering to a point, carried not higher than level of back


Front quarters: Shoulders clean and well sloped. Front narrow and deep. Forelegs quite straight, set on well under dog, and proportionate length to body.
Shouler: The shoulders are well laid back
Hind quarters: Strong and muscular, well bent at stifle. Hind legs neither cow hocked nor with feet turned in
Feet: Small, semi-harefooted and strong with well arched toes
Movement: Straight, free and balanced with good reach in forequarters and driving power behind.


Hair: Close, smooth, short and glossy, of firm texture
Colour: Jet black and rich mahogany tan distributed as follows:

On head, muzzle tanned to nose, nose and nasal bones jet black. Small tan spot on each cheek and above each eye, underjaw and throat tanned with distinct tan V. Legs from knee downwards tanned with exception of toes which shall be pencilled with black and distinct black mark (thumb mark) immediately above feet. Inside hind legs tanned but divided with black at stifle joint. Under tail tanned, vent tanned by marking as narrow as possible so that it is covered by tail. A slight tan mark on each side of chest. Tan outside hind legs, commonly called breeching, is undesirable. In all cases black should not run into tan and vice-verca, but division between colours clearly defined.


Size: Ideal height at shoulders males 40 - 41 cm (16 inches)
Ideal height at shoulders females 38 cm (15 inches)
Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum

Die beigefügten Bilder und Zeichnungen stammen aus dem englischen Buch THE MANCHESTER TERRIER von Nerolie de Lavis-Trafford & Margaret Clowes. Sie sollen helfen, die Rassekennzeichen zu verstehen.

  • kurzer Rücken, leichte Wölbung über der Lendenpartie
  • Vorgesicht und Oberkopf von gleicher Länge
  • gut gewinkelte Knie- und Sprunggelenke
  • Ellenbogen auf halber Widerristhöhe

Ohren oberhalb des Schädeldecke über den Augen zum Kopf hin gekippt, dicht anliegend.

Kopf insgesamt keilförmig


Augen mandelförmig Lefzen straff kräftiger Unterkiefer

gerade, aufrecht, stehende Front


gerade, parallel stehende Hinterläufe, kräftige Hinterhand mit muskulösen Ober- und Unterschenkeln.

Vordermittelfuß - als guter Stoßfänger - leicht schräg gestellt; Schnelligkeit und Beweglichkeit ermöglichend



  • harmonisches Gangwerk raumgreifender Schritt
  • nicht hackney laufend
  • viel Schub aus der Hinterhand
  • korrekte Rutenhaltung